Georgie Orme-Brown

British designer and jeweller Georgie Orme-Brown began her formal creative education studying Jewellery Design at Central Saint Martins in London. Prior to this she had embarked on a period of international exploration. Travelling across the Australian deserts was where she first encountered the beauty of animal tracks in sand. Later serving as the Artist in Residence at the Grand Canyon National Park in 2012 helped further her connection with tracks and traces. These experiences and consequential environmental awareness have continued to have a strong influence on her work and life. 

Georgie then spent several years working in the jewellery industry at various fine jewellery houses across the south of England; at independent goldsmith Philip James in Bath, pioneering ethical jewellers Ingle & Rhode in London, and with Bristol luminary Diana Porter - accumulating and honing a wide range of design and goldsmithing skills, both modern and traditional. In 2019 she established her studio in Bath.

Georgie Orme-Brown’s The Way Collection began with a photograph of bird tracks in the snow taken on a winter’s day at her parents’ home in East Anglia. From this photograph Georgie found lines and shadows, tracing the arrow-like marks that flow into one another. The drawings produce a sequence of track patterns that formed the basis of her designs. Having always been unconsciously drawn to these traces through photography, it was in seeing the work of Betsabeé Romero (Cars and Traces, Amsterdam 2010), that Georgie found the tracks were the visual embodiment of her theme of journeying and offer a connection to the animal that has made the tracks – a guide.
Georgie meticulously carves her designs in wax which are then cast in precious metals, finished and textured by hand. As well as capturing the transient beauty of tracks, her pieces can bring a sense of guidance and protection.