Caitlin Hegney

Jewellery artist Caitlin Hegney creates handmade silver and wooden jewellery that resonates with the ancient past. She is based in Helensburgh, on the West coast of Scotland, and designs and makes in the tranquillity of her garden studio. Caitlin looks for rhythms and patterns that transcend ancient times, interpreting them for the present day. Drawing is at the root of her practice. She uses hand-made tools to translate the expressive quality of her sketches into precious metals and hand-mixes pigment recipes to dye wooden surfaces rich shades of blue.

An award-winning artist, Caitlin has undertaken residencies at Cove Park and at The Glasgow School of Art, from where she graduated. She has exhibited in Australia and widely in Europe including the UK, France, and Denmark. As well as her jewellery practice, Caitlin facilitates workshops, focusing on material resourcefulness and engaging children with ancient craft skills.

Caitlin Hegney’s new collection ‘Ditto’ explores the way rhythmic mark-making has transcended generations. The collection expresses Caitlin’s fascination with the ambiguous nature of pattern-making. She interprets patterns as a common language that communicates between our ancient and present selves. Caitlin looks to Scotland’s Kilmartin Glen as a source of inspiration, especially the stone carvings and artefacts found in hoards at this ancient site. 

Her timeless jewellery designs make a statement and connect the wearer to their primordial selves. First working in 2D on paper, Caitlin transforms initial ideas into 3D shapes. Using craft techniques of the historical past, she hand-mixes pigment recipes to dye surfaces rich shades of alluring blue. Caitlin also harnesses ancient metalsmithing techniques, wielding unique hand-forged tools, to translate the expressive quality of her drawings into precious jewellery that combines metal and wood.