Roberta Pederzoli

Roberta’s jewellery career started unexpectedly later in her life. After a degree in Political Science studying sociology, moving from Italy to Scotland and a career in teaching, Roberta discovered the jewellery world by chance, while playing in a park with her daughter. This brought her to retrain in jewellery and stone setting in Glasgow, London, and Florence, and Roberta’s brand Quinta Essenza was born.

Her love of creating jewellery leads her to explore treasured ancient techniques and use them in a personalised way. Her teaching experience supports her when delivering workshops to keep the jewellery making tradition alive. While she was still studying, Roberta won a commended award in Fashion Jewellery (QVC Special Award) from The Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council (GC&DC). Following a recent commission to design and make medals for Perth Cathedral, she received a GC&DC bronze award for the medal called ‘Look after the Land’.
Inspired by lichens, fungi and organic shapes embellishing trees in Scotland, the Enchanted Woods Collection comes alive. Scottish woodlands are entrancing places, which encourage being in the present moment, and live in harmony with themselves. During her walks, Italian jewellery designer-maker Roberta absorbs what she sees and elaborates it through the lenses of her own story, experience, and culture, creating tactile jewellery with a fairy tale quality.

Her collection is organised around two statement necklaces from which, like branches on a tree, grow smaller individual jewellery pieces. True beauty is revealed through nature’s irregularity and imperfections. By realising this collection, Roberta has given great thought both texture and colour. Rough areas are emphasised, colour is sometimes applied in different nuances and the oxidation process is left to take place. The jewellery springs to life, showing its vulnerability, mutations, and beauty.