Cara Lowe

Cara Lowe Studio was established by Cara Lowe in 2021 after graduating from The Glasgow School of Art (GSA) with an Honours degree in Silversmithing & Jewellery. She then completed an Artist-In-Residence post at the GSA and now works from her Glasgow-based studio. Having grown up in the digital age, Cara is influenced by retro technology and childhood nostalgia. A strong advocate for the integration of digital craft in the jewellery world, she is interested in exploring how we can utilise technology to generate joy and wonder.

Cara has previously worked with Craftspace to design workshops that facilitated conversations about combining 3D printing with traditional craft. She has exhibited her work in exhibitions across the UK including New Designers and the Cluster Contemporary Jewellery Fair. In 2022 she was awarded the Visual Arts and Craft Maker Awards ‘Emerging Maker Award’, and she continues to investigate the relationship between the digital and the physical realm through her practice.

The Re- Establishing Connection Collection explores how relationships are maintained today through technology like smartphones, and how our everyday messages to family and friends are converted into pixels and code. Square-cut precious gemstones are used to represent the value of pixels that make up the digital conversations that keep us connected when we’re apart. Inspired by digital dreamworlds and childhood toys, this collection is designed as a celebration of how we’re able to re-establish connections in person after the extensive isolation of the pandemic. Vibrant shades of celadon green and bubble-gum pink are used to symbolise contrasting individuals who are intricately linked. Fusing innovative 3D printing technology with traditional craft, the collection is made using a lightweight plant-sourced bioplastic. Each piece can be worn separately or combined by two individuals as a reminder of their shared connection, both online and offline.