Katherine Brunacci

Katherine moved to London from Australia in 2017 to further her jewellery career and launch Katherine Alexandra Brunacci Jewellery. Prior to this she managed jewellery gallery Fifty Four located in her home town of Launceston, Tasmania.

She has a bachelors and master’s degree in fine art, majoring in gold and silversmithing, from The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, and two gemmological qualifications from the Gemmological Institute of America and Gemmological Association of Australia. In 2012, 2013 and 2016 Katherine was awarded A’ Design Awards for jewellery and holloware design.
The Trove Collection is inspired by ancient treasures unearthed, exploration and mythical tales. Katherine has always had a love of history, artefacts and the adventurous journeys their discovery entails. That a piece of jewellery can be thousands of years old and still be as breathtakingly beautiful as the day it was created, she finds magical.  Her aim is to capture this essence of unearthing treasure from faraway lands.
Growing up in Tasmania these tales of exploration captured her imagination.  Trove features hand-embellished forms that symbolise individuality, adventure and strength and reflect their historical inspiration. Detailed with textural natural motifs and ethically sourced gemstones, each piece is one-of-a-kind, a personal treasure that speaks to the wearer when they discover it, and that can be handed down through the generations.