Yilin Wang

Yilin Wang is a jewellery artist based in London and Beijing. After completing her degree at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, she undertook an MA in Metal and Jewellery at the Royal College of Art, London (2017-19). Through her jewellery label and work as an artist, Yilin seeks to explore the relationship between crafts and their fragility, considering concepts of female expressive restraint and preconceptions of the east-Asian environment. She looks to connect the body and precious material in interactive jewellery forms, based on her identity and self-awareness.

Yilin has been the recipient of a Goldsmiths’ Centre Precious Metal Grant, the Graham Hughes Memorial Prize from Royal College of Art, and a Postgraduate Scholarship from the China Scholarship Council. Her work has been shown internationally and collected by the Lovaas Project in Munich and the Royal College of Art. Her latest artwork has been selected for the Wallpaper*2020 Graduate Directory of new talent.

Yilin Wang’s collection ‘Siren’ explores the innate beauty and complexity of the female character through the craft of jewellery design and fine art. She creates distinctive, ethereal designs, evolving them from conventional jewellery, and exploring the spiritual medium between the human body and artistic expression. The signature pieces in the collection gently emerged against the tide of current trends, refreshing the aesthetic of Neo-Vintage with female romanticism and reductionism.

During the design process, Yilin considers craftsmanship a way of slowing down the high-speed fashion industry. On the other hand, fashion can highlight craftsmanship, making crafts more accessible to consumers. Believing in the concept of 'slow fashion’, Yilin seeks to incorporate recycled materials into the process of her jewellery making. The repurposing of precious metals is something she believes to be necessary for the future of the industry.