Natalie Perry

Jewellery designer-maker Natalie creates fine jewellery with a bohemian elegance that celebrates the beauty in imperfection. Having had a passion for jewellery from a young age, she studied for a degree in Jewellery and Accessories at Middlesex University, graduating in 2014. After winning the prestigious Isabella Blow Design Scholarship during her studies, Natalie travelled to India to expand her jewellery knowledge, where she worked as a designer for heritage jewellery house Kothari Jewels, in Jaipur. This was where her love for fine jewellery was cemented and the idea for her debut collection was born.

Upon her return to London, Natalie assisted British jewellery designer Alice Cicolini before launching her own brand at London Fashion Week in 2017. Since then her collections have gained industry acclaim, winning Professional Jeweller’s Ethical Collection of the Year in 2017 and Young Designer of the Year 2018. This year Natalie featured as Luxury London’s Ethical Jewellery ‘Rising Star’.

The designs for Natalie Perry’s Phoolon Fragments Collection started with a strenuous hike up the hillside to the fading Rani Mahal monument, which overlooks the creative town of Bundi in Rajasthan. It was once an opulent and impressive palace but is now an abandoned fort, overgrown with lush fauna and overrun with wild monkeys. Evoking the transient, exquisite beauty that Natalie saw in the disintegrating murals and crumbling stone of the palace, the collection has been handcrafted using the traditional techniques of wax carving and lost wax casting.

Depicted in delicate gold filigree embellished with diamonds, it hints at the palace’s forgotten grandeur and imagines the jewellery treasures of the women who once lived there. Reflecting on the challenges and adventures of her solo journey from London to India, Natalie designed the collection’s floral motif to act as a symbol of strength, completeness, and personal growth for the wearer.