Xinyi Chen

Chinese designer-maker Xinyi Chen launched jewellery brand EÈ CHAN in 2022. Formerly she founded and ran an e-commerce shop ‘BLA’ with 70,000 newsletter subscribers. Xinyi realised her passion for jewellery design whilst working as a model, buyer, photographer, and senior jewellery consultant in the fashion industry. She gained a BA in Art Design in China, specialising in jewellery and silversmithing, then started to pursue contemporary jewellery with her extravagant collection ‘New Era of Crown’. Xinyi then went on to study at Central St Martins in London before launching the 'Maze’ collection. With awards from the Bright Young Gems and Retail Jeweller, inlcuding ‘Rising Stars 30 Under 30’, the MAZE Collection has been exhibited at Talente Masters of the Future, the Friedrich Becker Prize and the London Design Festival.

EÈ CHAN is an independent jewellery brand geared toward Gen Z and millennials. With the timeless aesthetics and wearable art style, the MAZE Collection aims to win the favour of avant-grade jewellery lovers. Electronic components have a special place in Xinyi Chen’s heart. She calls them ‘Artificial Intelligems’ and is fascinated by their shapes, textures, colours, precise structures, digital spirituality, and hidden beauty. Xinyi draws from her childhood memory of the components used by her computer practitioner mother. She is also influenced by the experience of visiting Chatsworth House in Yorkshire, where traditional and contemporary crafts live side by side. In her work Xinyi combines electronic waste with silver and 3D design techniques, creating her own idiom. EÈ CHAN proposes a transgressive approach to what we value moving forward.