Pinar Kaya De Biasio

Pinar Kaya De Biasio designs and handmakes contemporary jewellery from her shared studio in Shoreditch, London. She grew up in a border town in eastern Turkey, at a crossroads of ancient trade routes, in a family of traditional jewellers, who considered the occupation a ‘man’s job’. Through her work she is challenging this belief.

After a degree and master’s in psychology and the first part of her career in this field, Pinar decided to go back to her roots and explore her family passion for jewellery, training at Morley College in London. She has come to realise that this passion runs in her blood, and she see things with the eye of a jeweller. Pinar’s pieces are exhibited in the UK and internationally, most recently at MAD About Jewellery, hosted by The Museum of Arts and Design, New York, and Elements Festival of Jewellery, Silver & Gold, in Edinburgh.

The inspiration for Pinar Kaya De Biasio’s In Flow Collection comes from a peculiar place - liquid lipstick. By dripping liquid lipstick onto paper and making drawings based on them, Pinar was inspired by the flowing shapes that were formed and used them as visual inspiration for the Collection. Pinar started to design her In Flow Collection during the first weeks of the London lockdown. A time when we spend unprecedented amounts of time indoors, often with little or no social contact. During this Covid period, fluids in any form became terrifying and contact was avoided. Pinar has turned these fluid shapes into bold, eye-catching pieces of art, that can freely move around. The free-flowing shapes created force their way out of the little boxes people were forced to stay in during the Covid pandemic, find other people and reconnect with the world.