Samantha Snow

Samantha Snow is a jewellery designer-maker living in Battersea, London, where she works from her converted writer’s bureau/jewellery bench using the ancient method of carving beeswax. Growing up, Samantha would create jewellery using wire, clay, and organic materials such as twigs and flowers, which is reflected in her style and the unique direction demonstrated in the Nectar Collection. 

Inspired by her father, who designed and made an engagement ring for her mother, Samantha grew her business from an evening course in silversmithing to launching in late 2022. Her career started out in fashion, working alongside the Creative Director for the luxury womenswear brand ‘The Vampire’s Wife’ for 7 years. This provided her with a strong foundation that inspires her jewellery collections, with the use of florals and different textures to create adornments that are timeless yet contemporary.

Samantha Snow’s Nectar Collection of textured jewellery is inspired by wildflowers’ symbiotic dance with bees. Delicate wild pansies provide winter sustenance, clematis offers abundant nectar, while forget-me-nots' vibrant allure beckons this most enchanting of insects.The Collection signifies the unity between flowers and bees, both integral to each other’s existence. Created using 100% natural beeswax, intrinsically delicate and imperfect, it ultimately influences the final design that is cast in metal. Using ancient tools and techniques, the organic designs have been heavily inspired by first-century gold jewellery, and the evil-averting amulets that were popular at this time.