Rachael Taylor's Top 5 Picks from Shine 2020

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Author Rachael Taylor, The Jewellery Cut

With Christmas around the corner, it's time to start thinking about what you'd like to gift your loved ones and yourself to mark the festive season. Need some inspiration? Rachael Taylor, from the Jewellery Cut, joins us to share which stylish handmade jewellery and silver pieces she would choose in her top 5 picks from Shine 2020. 

#1 Silver and Gold Draped Necklace on a Silver Chain ~ Megan Brown

I find the backstory to Megan Brown’s jewellery totally transfixing. Hailing from a family of textile weavers, she has plundered her personal history for jewellery inspiration. The Woven collection, as its name suggests, weaves together 9ct gold and silver curb chain to create gently flexing textured designs that beg for fingers to run over them. 

#2 Mussel Shell Chased Sterling Silver Caddy Spoon ~ Sarah Shelton-Palmer

Sadly, I am not the type of elegant human that requires a solid-silver caddy to rest my spoon upon, but if I was, this is exactly the type of thing I’d go for. Inspired by the undulation of a mussel shell, Sarah Shelton-Palmer has used the silversmithing technique of chasing to create a beautiful zig-zag pattern. Fine materials for fine dining. 

#3 Unique Twisted Tales Black and Silver Thorn Collar ~ Daisy Grice

If you’re after a jewel that will stop you in your tracks, as this necklace has done to me on a number of occasions, Daisy Grice is the jeweller for you. This one-of-a-kind embodiment of macabre power takes its cues from “dark enchantments”. The necklace has been crafted in black nylon, making it softer than you might expect, with sharp horns of silver.

#4 Hand Carved Diamond and Gemstone Sky and Grey Ring ~ Katharina Kraus


I love the way that Katharina Kraus plays with soft colours through her gemstone selection, and this ring – which I have been fortunate enough to try on – is a master stroke in luminous light play. Dusky chalcedony and grey agate, custom cut in Idar-Oberstein, are warmed by yellow gold and diamonds, and its wallflower-wilting size feels utterly wearable when on.    

#5 Tyche Gold Plated Sterling Silver Vermeil Ring ~ Yilin Wang

Curvaceous is a good and worthy word to throw at jewellery, and there is something satisfyingly belly warming about a ring that can break free from the simple circle. Yilin Wang has nailed curvaceous with this wave-inspired open ring, which balances structural daring with smooth wearing. Much, as I imagine, its goddess namesake Tyche did. 

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