Emma Wilson

After graduating in 1995 with a degree in 3D Design from Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen, Emma Wilson spent some time in Birmingham’s Jewellery quarter learning about the business of jewellery making and working from a shared workshop. After starting a family and moving back to Scotland, Emma ran a small business hand making notebooks and stationery printed with her photographic designs of flowers. She was able to return to silversmithing and enamelling while living in Glasgow, launching her first collection in 2019.

Emma is now based in her own studio in Aberdeen and has exhibited her silver and enamel work widely at various events and shows, including Elements: Festival of Jewellery, Silver and Gold in Edinburgh and Future Icons Selects at London Craft Week. Still inspired by the natural world around her, the enamel designs are the focus of her work, winning a coveted Silver Award for Enamelling at the GC&DC Awards in 2021.

The Coastal Echoes Collection of silver and vitreous enamel jewellery and bowls is inspired by walks at Aberdeen Beach. Emma Wilson draws inspiration from the dynamic seascape, capturing the essence of stormy skies and the rich colours and textures found along the coastline. Each piece reflects the ever-changing beauty of the sea. The enamel is informed by Emma’s abstract watercolours, echoing the unpredictable but beautiful outcomes of the water and paint in the opaque and transparent glass, creating fragments of the seascape which look like mini works of art framed in silver. The resulting collection represents memories of being by the sea, a glimpsed moment beautifully preserved within the enamel. Each unique piece of jewellery is a wearable memory which captures the atmosphere of the coast, while the silver bowls emulate the organic shapes and textures of pebbles and rocks found along the shoreline evoking a tactile connection to the coastal landscape.