Agata Karwowska

Agata is a jewellery designer-maker of Polish origin, based in Hatton Garden. Her journey with jewellery started in 2014 when a friend introduced her to the industry. She fell for it immediately and soon jewellery making become her passion. She started working with silver, gradually discovering, and testing different techniques.

She remained self-taught until recently when she completed beginner and intermediate Stone Setting courses (BAJ, London) and a Product Photography short course (Vanilla Ink, Glasgow). At the same time, in 2020, she graduated from British Academy in Jewellery in London with the Level 3 Diploma in Jewellery Design and Manufacture. In March 2021 Agata participated the Goldsmiths’ Centre’s Getting Started business development course and was subsequently selected for Stars in the Making and Shine 2021.

The name Evergreen describes the floral pattern permanently embossed on wax and later, precious metal in Agata’s designs. It was whilst travelling to Istanbul that Agata became attracted to Middle Eastern architecture. Visiting the Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace she felt enchanted by the exquisite attention to detail in each decorative element.

This type of architecture is rich in ornament, which has been translated into the Evergreen Collection. The signature element is the floral texture used in a variety of shapes inspired by common Middle Eastern elements, such as arches, pointed ends or elliptical curves. The colours used in the collection derive from Muslim decorative paintings; yellow, orange, red and blue. These colours produce vibrant contrast to the bright, textured silver surface.

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