Sarah Wilmott

Sarah Wilmott is a silversmith and jeweller based in Glasgow—a recent graduate from The Glasgow School of Art, and currently a resident at Bishopsland Educational Trust. Following a career in conservation and exhibitions at the National Library of Scotland, Sarah retrained in silversmithing and jewellery in 2019 after completing a series of evening courses in her spare time.

Sarah's previous role in repairing fragile archival collections, has heavily influenced her current practice. Here, she has honed her hand skills, developed her meticulous attention to detail and methodical approach to making. Her contemporary designs utilise traditional techniques, precious metals, and industrial materials to create modern, thoughtful pieces. Sarah is a multi-award winner, receiving accolades from the Goldsmiths Craft and Design Council, New Designers, The Guild of Enamellers and The Incorporation of Hammerman. A South Square Trust bursary recipient, Sarah's work has been exhibited internationally and toured across the UK.

The Mesh Collection are tactile objects that can be worn as jewellery or displayed and treasured—a contemporary collection of wearable pieces with supple forms, applied with enamel and encased in silver. Woven mesh is the principal material used within the work. Rather than acting as a barrier, the mesh lures you in, inviting you to touch it. No longer restrictive or impermeable, the mesh is playful and intriguing. The work’s neutral colour palette amplifies the surface details and scatters light as it passes through the pieces onto the body. Light is an integral material within the work; channelled and forced into focus, penetrating through the mesh, creating an interplay between light and the object. The Mesh Collection adopts a minimalist approach to design, in which form and function are inherently linked. Objects are created with a dual purpose so they can be worn and used.


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