Caius Bearder

Caius Beader was born on Guernsey in the Channel Islands, the natural beauty of which provides the main inspiration for his work. Having graduated in silversmithing and jewellery at Glasgow School of Art in 2021, Caius has just completed a one-year residency at Bishopsland Educational Trust.

He has exhibited with Bishopsland at events such as Cheslea Desire Fair and RHS Wisley, and is now working to develop his skills into a fully-fledged independent business as an artist in residence at the Glasgow School of Art. His continuing passion for technique, artistic design, and refinement in his work motivates him to create more ambitious pieces.

Caius Beader’s inspiration for his Reflections in Silver Collection stems from his home island of Guernsey. The natural beauty of the island's coastlines inspires the flowing lines and forms in his work, combining soft aquatic surface lines and denser textures to reflect turbulent rockfaces and waves. Working in silver, Caius uses a combination of textural engraving, raising, and fabrication to achieve the details which provide dynamic light play to the surfaces of his pieces.

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