Sarah Shelton-Palmer

Sarah Shelton-Palmer is a Cornish silversmith and jeweller. Always searching for something a little different to treasure, Sarah discovered a love for making jewellery whilst surfing and travelling in Central America. An opportunity to make a silver ring in a rustic workshop in Nicaragua, with a jeweller who did not speak English, turned out to be the beginning of a new journey - making being a language of its own.

Sarah gained a degree in Silversmithing and Jewellery from Truro and Penwith College, and followed this with a post-graduate course Bishopsland Educational Trust, in the Oxfordshire countryside, where she subsequently stayed and completed a second year as their artist in residence. Working at Bishopsland has introduced Sarah to a huge variety of new techniques including chasing and repoussé, hand-engraving and raising. Sarah is passionate about the beauty of the natural world, especially coastal environments, which provide the inspiration her designs.

Sarah Shelton-Palmer’s ‘Chasing Waves Collection’ derives from a love of being in and around ocean environments. It encapsulates the energy and flow of the sea. Using chasing and repoussé, Sarah has developed pieces that describe the movement of waves in silver. When using chasing tools to make the lines, patterns and textures, Sarah’s imagination runs away with her and she envisions surfing and carving along a wave. For her, making is a very meditative process, producing nostalgic feelings of being in or by the sea.

The collection comprises jewellery and silverware, and contains some of the largest and most complicated pieces Sarah has made to date. Solid silver bangles and cuffs have been formed or raised, and have stand-out fine lines and textures that sparkle like sunlight reflecting on the ocean. The Chasing Waves Carafe is a development of previous pieces that had been hand-raised and is at the centre of Sarah’s inspiration for the collection.