Megan Brown

Megan began her career studying fashion design at Edinburgh College of Art. Her first introduction to jewellery was from a local jeweller who offered to teach her how to create a piece for herself. Her designs instantly caught attention, with subsequent one-off creations and the decision to launch her own brand ‘Megan Brown Jewellery’. Today her designs draw on her background in fashion, and an intuitive instinct she utilises in her bespoke creations.

weave (v.1) 

old English wefan "to weave, form by interlacing yarn," figuratively "devise, contrive, arrange".

weave (v.2)
c. 1200, "to move from one place to another," of uncertain origin, perhaps from weave (v.1). From early 14c. as "move to and fro;" 1590s as "move side to side".

Megan Brown’s new ‘Woven Collection’ draws together her family heritage and talent for jewellery making. Growing up in Yorkshire, with a family legacy of textile weaving going back over 100 years, inspired Megan’s love of fabrics. This collection explores how the soft, flowing qualities of fabric might be translated into something as hard as metal. Megan creates sculptural designs which have been intricately woven, using fine silver and gold chain to create a dynamic collection steeped in history and tradition.