Ellys May Woods

Ellys May Woods is a Scottish silversmith and jeweller. She creates her pieces from a workshop in Linlithgow, West Lothian. From a young age, Ellys was creative and enjoyed using card and plastic to create three dimensional objects; her love for buildings and large structures then grew whilst gaining experience with an architect. Her hands-on approach to design stayed with her throughout her education at The Glasgow School of Art and Bishopsland Educational Trust, where she began to develop her ideas and explore how to work with silver and gold.

Since starting her business, she has exhibited in Glasgow, London, and The Netherlands amongst other places. She creates all her silver and gold pieces by hand, focusing on the techniques of scoring and folding, etching and wire working, to make mini architectural forms for the home and body. She received the Contemporary British Silversmiths graduate member award for her collection at New designers in 2018, and the Goldsmiths’ Centre Precious Metal Grant in 2019.


Ellys May Wood’s ‘Caledonian Collection’ of silverware and Jewellery is inspired by the three Forth Bridges that tower over the Firth of Forth in Scotland.

The bridges have been translated into pieces that reflect the distortion of the forms as you travel across them, creating irregular shapes. Ellys captures these in photographs which she then develops into three-dimensional card models. The designs are brought to life through scoring and folding metal to create crisp angles. To generate contrast, Ellys uses etching to replicate the concrete used in the construction of the bridges; the textures are etched multiple times to give depth to the metal surface. This collection is an insight into Ellys’ love for architecture, which she has experienced travelling throughout Scotland.