Clio Saskia

Clio is a fine jewellery designer and maker who started her creative journey at Camberwell College of Arts on the Sculpture degree course, exploring historical concepts of beauty through traditional Grecian sculpture.

After completing her studies Clio moved to Australia and purchased a small sapphire mine, working alongside geologists to ‘strike gold’ in the Gemfields. On returning to London, Clio advanced her goldsmithing skills on the Jewellery Manufacturing Diploma at the British Academy of Jewellery, and was awarded First Prize for her ambitious and playful design of a life-sized chameleon ring with kinetic tongue. She has since launched her first collection after completing the Setting Out Programme at the Goldsmiths’ Centre, and this year was awarded a Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council Award for her bejewelled Snake Knuckleduster, securing a place at the Gem-A Institute in London.

The Wild Things Collection is inspired by weird and wonderful creatures from our natural world, celebrating their vibrant personalities and unique idiosyncrasies. All collection pieces are hand-carved and brought to life in recycled 18ct gold, embellished with ethically sourced gemstones. Discover treasures that gleam with movement, actively winding their way around fingers, ears, and clothes.

The collection spans a range of designs, from delicately textured everyday pieces to romantic, one-of-a-kind red-carpet jewels. In joining a rich history of animal inspired jewellery made across the globe, Clio’s goal is to find a new voice and share a fresh perspective on the age-old tradition of nature inspired fine jewellery. These vibrant miniature artworks do just that, celebrating unexpected creatures found deep under the sea and high up in the jungle canopy.